Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Me?

Why should you support me for School Board? In a nutshell, I am committed to Humboldt City Schools, I am capable of doing the job, and I care about the future of our schools.

I am Committed...
  • I am committed to this community.
  • I grew up in Humboldt and graduated from HHS in 1999.
  • I moved back to Humboldt in 2007.
  • My wife and I bought and restored the old family home (Bonds House) and had it listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • I am the father of two girls.
  • I am committed to being involved in the community and continually making it better for my family.

I am Capable...

  • Humboldt High School - Class of 1999
  • The University of Memphis - Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - 2003
  • The University of Tennessee - Master of Science (Civil Engineering) - 2007
  • The University of Tennessee-Martin - Master of Business Administration - 2008
Career Experience
  • Tennessee Department of Transportation
    • Roadway Design - 2003-2010
    • Project Management - 2010-Present
  • Licensed Professional Engineer
Leadership Experience
  • TDOT Executive Leadership Academy - 2007
  • Humboldt Chamber of Commerce
    • Board of Directors - 2010-2012
    • Chair-Education Committee - 2010-Present
    • Vice President (President-Elect) - 2011-2012
  • Gibson County Leadership - 2011
  • Humboldt High School Alumni Association - Vice President - 2010-2011
I Care...
  • I care about public education.
  • I care about Humboldt City Schools.
  • I believe our schools are assets - not liabilities.
  • I have been involved in Humboldt City Schools since moving back.
    • Volunteered to chair the Education Committee
    • Started the Humboldt High School Alumni Association
    • Am leading a market research project on Humboldt City Schools
  • I am proud to say I am from Humboldt and proud my children will be fifth-generation HHS alumni.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Starting Line

For years I have been planning to run for School Board in Humboldt. I have always been passionate about education, and I am committed to getting involved in our public schools to make them better.

The time has finally come for me to throw my hat into the race and run for School Board representative for Ward 4 in Humboldt! It's something I take really seriously. I am committed and capable, and I truly care about the job I am campaigning to win.

I have picked up my petition and am in the process of obtaining the necessary 25 signatures of registered voters in my ward so my name will be placed on the ballot. If you care about our community and our schools, and want to see progress happen on our school board, sign my petition. This petition is due at the courthouse by August 18.

Then, of course, vote for me November 1.

I look forward to meeting you and working to make Humboldt City Schools even better for all our children!