Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Survey

I mentioned in my last post that you would be hearing about a school survey in the near future.  Well, after nearly a year of planning and fine-tuning, the Humboldt Chamber of Commerce Education Committee launched its Survey of School Choice and Humboldt City Schools. 

The Education Committee is comprised of members of the Chamber and administrators in the City Schools.  Our objective is to improve education in Humboldt by focusing on the 3 Rs: Researching our market, Re-engaging our community with the schools, and building a Reputation as a premier school system.  This is a committee I chair and I am very proud of the work we are doing.

This survey is designed to identify the factors parents use to choose schools for their children and people's perception of the education offered in Humboldt.  It's part of a larger market research project.  We want everyone in the Humboldt area to give us feedback so we can get good information that can be used to focus improvement.  Please take just a few minutes of your time and take our survey, then pass it along to your friends and neighbors.  You can take the survey by clicking the following link...

I want you voters in Ward 4 to know that this is what I bring to the table when you elect me to School Board.  I have been wanting to do some kind of market research on Humboldt City Schools for years, because I want to have real, honest, and documented feedback on what exactly people see in our schools so we know what needs to be improved and what people see as strengths.

Thanks for taking the time to help us in this effort!

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