Saturday, October 29, 2011

4 Days Left - The Final Countdown

Ok, so it's a little late in the day to post this, but it's the first chance I've gotten to write.  It is Saturday, the weather was nice, and I walked 3.5 miles today going door-to-door in the neighborhood.

So, in keeping the Final Countdown theme, I give you reason number 4 you should vote for me for School Board.

Number 4 - Commitment

Yesterday I talked about having a vested interest in the schools, both from the perspective of a parent and a citizen of Humboldt.  Today it's about my commitment to this community and its future.

We all have choices in where we live.  Some have more flexibility than others, but for the most part, we choose to live where we live.  The reasons for choosing Humboldt vary, but whether we're here because of family, jobs, cost of living, or whatever reason, we are all here and should all care what happens to our community.

I chose to live here, just like the previous five generations of my family, and I am committed to doing whatever I can to ensure Humboldt's longevity and sustainability.  There are a lot of facets to a community's quality of life, but almost without question, a community rises and falls on the quality of its schools.  For Humboldt to prosper and progress, our schools must be a source of pride for our residents and must be valued as an asset rather than a liability. 

I am committed to our schools, and that commitment does not end at the school building doors, either.  I have said this all along, but after talking with some neighbors today, it seems as though it needs repeating.  We live in Humboldt, we believe in public schools, and we believe our children can receive a quality education in Humboldt City Schools.  So yes, we are going to send them here, no matter how many of our own citizens and even elected officials try to tell us otherwise.

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